Monthly Archives: January 2016

New MagicQuartz video!

This new video is a comprehensive walk-through of the MagicQuartz firmware. It shows the basic “speed box” mode on the main screen, the live quartz mode, sensor calibration (to optimizie the optical signal pickup), the setup menu with e.g. the motor calibration and all security and quartz-related tweaking options.

The work continues … Second prototype will be on eBay!

Happy new year!

MagicQuartz has captured high interest in 2015. The webpage has been accessed 5000 times from all around the world, with about 20 page loads per day. And it is currently being discussed in at least 5 audio forums. Thanks for all your interest, comments and feedback!

You’re probably wondering WHEN MagicQuartz will be finally finished. As you know, finishing the last bits is the hardest part. But I’m currently spending some time of my holidays to continue with this project.

I’m currently redesigning the PCB, as the initial version (rev. 0.1) had some minor issues. For example, there was an error with the display backlight connection (which required a “bodge wire” to fix it) and the resistor footprints were too small.

I’m currently building a second prototype based on this inital version, to (re-)identify all issues and to create the final parts lists. I will probably sell this unit on eBay, so prepare your pre-defined eBay searches for “MagicQuartz” … 🙂

Here is it – working fine so far! 🙂DSCF1573