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Safety Warnings

This unit operates with lethal high voltages. Much caution and a considerable knowledge in electronics engineering are necessary in order to build and operate the unit. As stated above, the inventor of this unit cannot be taken liable for any damage or harm that is caused by this unit. This unit is capable of producing voltages significantly higher (and lower) compared to standard mains voltage. Connecting devices to this unit can damage these units. This unit operates with high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) at 31.250 kHz, fed into a step-up transformer. Because of this being a rectangular signal, it also produces harmonics. Although the signal is low-pass-filtered, it may disturb radio and TV (and similar) reception and interfere with other electronic equipment. For example, the high frequency signal might be present in audio signals and may disrupt audio recordings or even damage audio speakers (tweeters), if the audio signal is amplified to high volume levels. For security reasons, never leave this unit unattended. Disconnect the power supply if the unit is not used.

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These are the two firmware variants (version 0.9) for the Arduino boards: