New Feature: “SaveHzAtSec”

I know you’re waiting for it – but I’m truly striving to construct the world’s best turntable speed box for you. The worst thing would be to sell a banana product (which has to mature at the customer). Or even with bugs. That’s why I’m still working on making the firmware perfect – in terms of features and bug testing.

Today, I’ve added a feature that allows MagicQuartz to remember the calibrated speed at the beginning of the record. When you turn the record or put another record onto your player, it will automatically resume to this speed.

You may ask, why. The position of the needle has an impact on the playback speed. When the needle moves towards the center of the record, there’s less friction, and MagicQuartz compensates this with a frequency change of about 0.04 Hertz (at 33.3333 RPM at 50 Hertz). This is not much, indeed, but very noticeable due to MagicQuartz fine timing resolution, and may confuse listeners. They want their records played back correctly from the very beginning, not having to wait for the firmware to correct the speed discrepancy.

In version 1.00, you will be able to set the parameter “SaveHzAtSec” to e.g. “60”, which means that MagicQuartz remembers the current speed calibration 60 seconds after the record has been started. MagicQuartz will automatically resume to this value when the motor has been switched off (e.g., if you turn or change the record). This value is automatically deleted when you change the parameters on the main screen. Of course this can also be disabled.

It’s this and other details that set MagicQuartz apart from other “speed boxes”!

I’m currently also optimizing the source code. I’m already using 98% of the available program memory (with more than 5200 lines of C code). This can lead to unexpected behavior of the firmware, and I need to do more testing. Duh!

Time to go to bed now … 😉

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